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Teen & Adult Program

 Our Teen & Adult Martial Arts program combines Taekwondo's traditional art with the practical self-defense elements found in Small Circle Jujitsu and the Filipino Art of Eskrima. 

Program Mission

Our unique method of teaching enhances fitness, self-control, discipline, and self-esteem. Students learn exciting kicks and strikes, as well as important means of self-defense.  As students advance in their training, we continue to foster these life lessons and build on their Martial Arts skills.


In addition to the Martial Arts training, we offer competitions, sparring, and weapons training for our advanced students.

1-week Complimentary  Trial

Martial Arts Class


Taekwondo incorporates exciting kicks, strikes, and combinations with strong foundational skills.  Our adult classes focus on three key aspects of Taekwondo: the traditional and artistic aspect, the fitness and sport aspect, and practical self-defense. 


Small Circle Jujitsu emphasizes hands and wrist action to gain superior leverage over an opponent through flows, locks and throws. It serves as an excellent self-defense method for close-quarters personal protection and emphasizes balance, stability, and rotational momentum. 


Kali was developed out of necessity in the Philippines and is now known for its effective, practical combat skills. Using sticks, bladed weapons, flexible weapons, and hand-to-hand techniques, Eskrima successfully addresses several defense ranges, utilizing common resources in threatening situations. 

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