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Kenneth Ransom
Kenneth Ransom

Women Riding Ponyboy

She stroked his side again as she selected the first piece of ponyboy equipment he would be wearing. That was a bridle made of chrome and polished black leather, and she picked it up and carefully slipped it over his head, making sure the connected straps that made up the piece of tack were straight and perfectly positioned. The upper strip of shiny leather went around his forehead, and Dobbin stood patiently as his mistress tightened the buckle on that one. Short straps, one for either side of his face, were connected with loops to the forehead strap. The other ends also consisted of loops, and they held large polished chrome rings that would press against the sides of the pony's face.

women riding ponyboy

Being a gentle mistress to her pony, Tanya placed a soft flannel square -- a piece of a baby blanket, actually - across Dobbin's back so the leather saddle would not chafe him. The saddle was the last and most expensive piece of tack to be put in place. It had been made especially for a ponyboy or girl and was intended to resemble an English saddle, except for being smaller, and it had stirrups hanging from the sides. When Tanya cinched it in place with a strap around her steed's waist, she took notice of the state of his erection, seemingly for the first time and smiled, already anticipating what would happen after her ride ended.

Peter loudly whinnied his agreement, and Tanya picked up the last piece of gear, placed her left foot in the stirrup and swung her right leg over her steed's back. When she was seated, with both feet in the stirrups, she put that last piece of equipment to use. It was a black leather riding crop and, while holding the reins in her right hand, she swung it so it hit her steed's right haunch with a loud "smack" while ordering him to "giddy up." Completely obedient, as a good pony should be, Dobbin started moving forward, heading in the direction of the doorway to the hall.

That riding crop had been a matter of considerable discussion between Peter and his mistress. Tanya insisted on using some kind of crop or whip, but she agreed to get the lightest and most flexible one available. It would make a loud noise and sting Peter slightly when she hit him with it, but no more than that, except for leaving a big red blotch, which would quickly fade, on his white skin.

Because of the tremendous sexual pleasure that would follow his mistress's riding him around her apartment, he had been willing to put up with the small amount of pain. The bargain had been a good one for both parties, because Tanya derived much more pleasure when she could use the implement, and that made her much more sexually excited, which would add to her pleasure and to that of her partner after the ride came to an end in her bedroom.

Dobbin moved slowly at first, partly to conserve energy and partly so his rider would have a reason to freely use her riding crop. The strategy worked, because the next time she smacked him was less than thirty seconds into the ride, and it was twice, once on either of his big ass cheeks. He slightly increased his speed and, when Tanya pulled on his left rein, he turned that direction and passed through the doorway into the hall. A second pull steered him down the hall in the direction of the living room of the large apartment, where another tug ordered him to turn right.

Using the reins freely and the riding crop even more freely, the rider steered her faithful steed around a sofa in the middle of that room and back out into the hall, where she used the reins and the crop to order him to turn right. The next room she guided him into was the formal dining room where, following her orders with no hesitation, Dobbin circled the oak table and matching chairs before returning to the hall with his mistress on his back, reveling in the ride. Peter was also enjoying what they were doing, because he could smell the juice trickling from her pussy and knew he would soon have his face buried in her crotch and be licking it from her. When they came to the end of the long central hall, Tanya pulled back on the reins and called out "Whoa!"

Dobbin stoically waited for further orders and, when they came, backed up and turned around so he was carrying his mistress back in the direction they had come from. She used the crop again, to demand more speed, and he hurried down the hall with his rider starting to bounce up and down on the saddle. He knew she was getting more and aroused, from the commands she was issuing to him and from the free use she was making of the riding crop and from the saddle massaging her bare pussy. With every second, he was looking forward more and more to the conclusion of the ride, which would happen right beside Tanya's four poster queen-sized bed, but not until she was ready to dismount.

During the ride, she had been in charge and he had done what she told him, through the reins or swatting him with the riding crop. However, he was in no hurry to bring about the hotsy's orgasm until he was sure she had reached the apex of her arousal, and that hadn't happened yet. When he reached the end of her second inner lip, Peter raised his face and saw how Tanya's clit was so engorged with her lust it had crowded its way completely out from under its hood. 350c69d7ab


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