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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Our Way Back By Kyla Faye

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Our Way Back by Kyla Faye

By the end of March 2020 all my hair had fallen out except for a bit at the back that looked like a bald mullet. I then decided to shave off what was left, and I was a lot happier than I had been since hair started falling out. I was also very lucky that my mum decided to shave her head with me.

Over the next few months my hair grew back. At the end of June 2020, I received my first Bravery Buddy and I named her Desiree after my dancing teacher, who is very special to me. I was the first person with alopecia to receive a Bravery Buddy.

Because my wig was made to my head shape, I had to shave all my hair that was growing back so my head could be scanned for the wig cap. A few days before I shaved it all off my hair started falling out again, so it felt like I was making the right decision.

Oh sweet Kara, You will be missed! To her family and friends May you look back on the precious memories and find peace in knowing that Kara was and AMAZING person! I cannot begin to imagine the pain and heartache you must be feeling. I am praying for your peace and comfort throughout this difficult time and journey!

About 3 weeks ago, Ryan and I visited a mentally challenged woman whose sisterhad put her into assisted living. While spending time with her in herroom we saw she had a very small TV. This really upset Ryan, the next weekend Itook her out shopping and then she came home to have dinner with us and spendthe night. We went to Church the next day, then we all went out to lunch(which Ryan insisted on paying for), then Ryan took Tracy his smart TV . Hehooked everything up, went over everything with her and then wrote downdirections so if she got confused she would have a guide. He recentlyasked me when I was going back to see Tracy because he wanted to go and makesure she was doing Ok.

Camp was awesome this session between Furnawatta, overnights, and trying new activities with new friends. I stayed back on the Yough and chilled in Ohiopyle with Beth and Tim. In the beginning a hornet stung me in the face and I felt like death. Kyla and Babs and Greta and Hannah visited, it made my whole session. I love Swags and Mattawanna. PEACE OUT!

I have enjoyed hanging out in between activities and long van rides with friends. My favorite activities were wakeboarding/water skiing and chilling at SUP N SAIL. One of my favorite memories is all the wakemaster memories, talking the whole van ride back from the Yough. Also trying to get better at mountain biking. The Dating Game was also fun. My favorite thing about Crows Nest besides the people is the horror stories told at night.

I enjoyed hanging out with Aiden, Becca, Jo and others. I also liked white water rafting because it was raining. I am going to miss all of my friends and all of the counselors. I might come back next year and I want to be in Crows Nest again. I liked getting ice cream and wearing bunk junk. Beth and Nathan are my favorite counselors.

At camp this session, I have enjoyed seeing all the people who came back from camp last year. I have achieved my goal of making new friends and creating tighter relationships with my friends from last year. My favorite activity was the wakeboarding overnight. I have learned many different things from many different people. I also had a great time playing ultimate and soccer in the rain when the field was soaked and super slippery and everyone slipped and fell.

You think the Sentinels here are closed off, boring, and insular? You should meet the ones in Antium. if Brin's sharing the Sentinels' hardest missions with a Freelancer, she probably trusts their chances of coming back are high. It's a compliment, from a certain angle.

FreePANTser,So here I am on a strider in the mountains, halfway to Antium. It's hot and stuffy in here. BuhAt sea, lancers ride on top of the ship. Wish I could do that now. I bet there would be an incredible view. And the smell of a javelin would be better than the reek coming off that lady who took off her shoes. Very pungent. Wish I had a mask.I can't wait to get back in a javelin, though. I don't feel complete without it. Bet you understand that.Well, that was my first letter. Now to see if the smelly foot lady wants to play.

An outlaw named Talon has stolen Dax's aunt's journal. Without the journal, Dax can't solve the mystery of people disappearing in the Emerald Abyss. She wants you to ambush Talon and steal back the journal.

Had to run. Strider has arrived and may have fabric!I was just struck by an inspiration so huge, it is almost too much to bear. It is now time to bring back the codpiece!What do you think? TELL ME YOU LOVE IT!And... we make it metallic so it proclaims itself to our world. And we'll call it Iron Cod! Think hard about this because it may be our ticket back to Antium.Please fold the tunics and tidy the backroom.Marl 041b061a72


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