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Presenter Media Free Accountl

Presenter Media Free Account

Presenter Media is a website that offers animated PowerPoint templates, customizable graphics, videos, and royalty-free music for creating stunning presentations, videos, and social media posts. It is a popular resource for educators, marketers, and professionals who want to impress their audience with creative and engaging visuals. But how can you get a Presenter Media free account and enjoy its benefits?

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How to Get a Presenter Media Free Account

Unfortunately, Presenter Media does not offer a free account option for its users. However, it does offer a free trial period that allows you to access and download some of its content for a limited time. To get a free trial, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Presenter Media website and click on the "TRY FOR FREE" button on the top right corner.

  • Enter your email address and create a password for your account.

  • Select a subscription plan that suits your needs. You can choose between monthly, quarterly, or annual plans. The prices range from $9.97 to $39.97 per month.

  • Enter your payment information. You can use a credit card or PayPal to pay for your subscription. Don't worry, you will not be charged until the end of your trial period.

  • Enjoy your free trial! You can download up to 10 items per day from the Presenter Media library. You can also use the online customization tools to edit the templates and graphics to fit your needs.

Note that you can cancel your subscription at any time before the end of your trial period and you will not be charged. However, if you do not cancel, your subscription will be automatically renewed and you will be billed according to the plan you selected.

Benefits of Having a Presenter Media Account

If you decide to keep your Presenter Media account after the trial period, you will enjoy many benefits that will help you create amazing presentations and videos. Some of these benefits are:

  • You will have unlimited access to over 20,000 animated PowerPoint templates, clipart, backgrounds, videos, and music tracks. You can download as many items as you want per day.

  • You will get new content every month. Presenter Media adds fresh and relevant templates and graphics every month to keep up with the latest trends and topics.

  • You will be able to use the online customization tools to personalize the templates and graphics according to your preferences. You can change the colors, text, size, animation, and more.

  • You will be able to use the templates and graphics in any software that supports PowerPoint files, such as Google Slides, Keynote, or OpenOffice. You can also export them as images or videos for other purposes.

  • You will have access to customer support and tutorials. If you have any questions or issues with your account or the content, you can contact the Presenter Media team via email or chat. You can also watch video tutorials on how to use the templates and graphics effectively.


Presenter Media is a great website for anyone who wants to create stunning presentations and videos with animated and customizable visuals. It offers a wide range of templates and graphics that suit any topic or occasion. However, it does not offer a free account option for its users. The only way to get a Presenter Media free account is to sign up for a free trial period that lasts for 14 days. After that, you need to pay for a subscription plan if you want to continue using the service.


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