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Demian Tretyakov
Demian Tretyakov

Tips and Tricks for Using Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.1 with a License Keygen

What in the hey is going on here. Why are these machines re-activating??? Each and every one of these PCs had a copy of Windows7 installed and activated with our dept Volume license. What is Ghost doing? Is there some configuration on the server I missed? I have tried googling for a solution and the most recent discussion I found is this one from 2010:

symantec ghost solution suite 2.5.1 license keygen

Download File:

Thinking there was something wrong with the Automation Partition, or the way I created it, I went through to try to create a bootable USB media using the instructions I found here: -boot-media-legacy-ghostcasting-ghost-solution-suite-3. Unfortunately, when I connected the drive to a workstation I receive the same results.


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