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[S2E18] And Not-So-Sweet Charity

Caroline is being melancholy and showing Max pictures of her dad doing good, decent stuff, like being at charity events and water-skiing on rich people lakes. Max zooms in on the latter and sees a little something peeking out of the bottoms of his shorts. Mr. Channing has apparently been blessed in the underpants department.

[S2E18] And Not-So-Sweet Charity

At the same time, the girls (including Michelle) have to decide what toys they will keep and which ones they will donate to charity. During this time, Stephanie is frantic. It seems that Mr. Bear, the stuffed toy that the girls' mother, Pam, gave Stephanie on the day that she brought newborn Michelle home from the hospital, is missing. Stephanie does not want to lose Mr. Bear because he not only is her best friend but also represents one of the last tangible links between her and her mom.

The family then watches a videotape of Pam arriving home from the hospital with then-newborn Michelle from two years ago. In the video, Danny films while Joey and Jesse banter with Pam and baby Michelle. Joey then has the presents for the two older girls from their mother: the charm bracelet and Mr. Bear. While the family watches, Michelle gets Mr. Bear out of his hiding place and gives him back to Stephanie, who then apologizes to Joey for falsely accusing him of donating him to charity, and this also brings cheers to the rest of the family.

[In D.J. and Stephanie's room, Stephanie prepares to get rid of any toys and stuffed animals they don't want anymore, as Mr. Bear "looks on".]Stephanie: Mr. Bear, part of spring-cleaning is giving the toys we don't play with anymore to charity. Should we keep Candy Land? [cut to Mr. Bear] No, there's no real candy in it. You are such a nutty bear.Michelle: [entering the room, accompanied by D.J.] Toys!D.J.: Michelle, before we give these toys away, is there something you want here?Michelle: I want that. [points to and grabs you-know-what, but you-know-who stops her dead in her tracks (see photo above).]Stephanie: Freeze, bear-napper!Michelle: Who, me?Stephanie: [takes back her "friend"] Mr. Bear is not a toy. He's one of the family.D.J.: If Mr. Bear's related to anyone in this room, it's the mattress.Stephanie: [holds him close to her to 'hear' him "speak"] Mr. Bear says, 'How rude'.

[Back in her and her sister's room, Stephanie's frantic search for Mr. Bear continues.]Stephanie: Where's Mr. Bear? [tosses all her stuffed animals everywhere] Monkeys, rhinos, bunnies. Not a bear in the bunch. Call the FBI. Call the police. Call me a cab, I've got a bear to find.Joey: [enters] Steph, come on. Don't panic, just settle down. Take a nice deep breath. [She breathes in...] Good. Now, when was the last time that--? [noticing her still holding her breath] Steph, you can let the breath out now. [...and breathes out.] Good, good. Now, when was the last time you saw Mr. Bear?Stephanie: He was sitting on my bed, helping me sort out toys. Right.Joey: He was here when I came up to collect the clothes and toys to give away to charity.Stephanie: You didn't give away Mr. Bear, did you?Joey: Steph, why don't you keep looking, and I'll see if I can track him down. Okay. [He leaves.]Stephanie: Good. [praying] God, I hate to bother you. I know you've got a lot of stuff to do, but Mr. Bear is missing, so if you could squeeze in just one more miracle, I'd be a happy camper.

The whole reason behind the auction was charity as Fallon needed to triple donations for Heroic Hooves so that she could get rid of Mandy once and for all and establish a newer process for how things are done.

As Stephanie sorts old toys to give away to charity, Michelle tries to purloin Mr. Bear. Stephanie intercepts and explains that Mr. Bear is very important to her just as Joey enters the room with a big garbage bag to take the old toys away in. 041b061a72


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