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Can You Still Buy Iphone 4s

Asking Siri about the weather and about stocks is a fun novelty, but the meat of Siri is in communication. I spend a lot of time walking, and no matter how much I practice, my typing is still pretty horrible while I'm moving around.

can you still buy iphone 4s


Because the iPhone 4S does not support versions of the iOS past iOS 9, which is an increasingly vintage version that does not support many current apps, most users should buy a newer iPhone. However, the iPhone 4S still can work for phone calls, texts, and simple photography as well as music synchronized from a computer and other basic functions, but current app support is limited.

According to me, as I mentioned above I am using iPhone 4S as my Primary device which has 512mb of RAM 16gb of SSD and 8MP Camera. But still it works very smooth and I am able to do all of my complicated task through this smartphone, leaving some apps which require higher version of ios.

- If you don't have a smartphone: iPhones are still the kings of the smartphone world, with unsurpassed access to high-quality applications. But they're also expensive. That may not be immediately obvious in the cellphone store, where their $199 price tag (or, in the case of the iPhone 3GS, $0 price tag) looks comparable to many other phones. Carriers require contracts when selling iPhones at that price, and the available plans aren't cheap, in part because you'll need a data plan. In effect, you'll be paying off that expensive phone over two years, through your monthly bill.

AT&T will still be the only U.S. carrier to sell the iPhone 3GS, a two-year old model. The price will be cut to nothing, from $49. But AT&T still won't sell the phone for use on prepaid plans, which could yield substantial savings.

It seems that even if this is not the "iPhone 5" everyone's been waiting for, it's just a matter of nomenclature. The iPhone 4GS is still the fifth-generation iPhone and is still worth the upgrade. Don't be fooled by appearances. The iPhone 4S might look just like its 2010 predecessor, but the magic is in the inside. 041b061a72


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