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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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[S6E6] Tomorrow

Sister Julienne kept Sister Cynthia away from the others (except Sister Monica Joan) to help her recover from her ordeal. Still, she ran into Trixie (who has been longing to see her) in the upstairs hallway. Trixie gives fragile Cynthia a promising forecast: things may seem bleak now, but if she can just see her way to surviving them, she can bet her bottom dollar that tomorrow and ever after there will be better days ahead. Trixie always presents as so put together we forget she has had her own serious struggles. When we scratch the surface, maybe it is that presentation of fashionable perfection that is merely a coping mechanism.

[S6E6] Tomorrow

Charles saves his highest praise (if it can be called that) for his other Swamp mate - B.J. Hunnicutt, whom he describes as "relatively inoffensive" and an excellent surgeon, though he looks down his nose at the fact that B.J. is California-born, raised, and schooled. Charles remarks that he was touched by B.J.'s concern over his sudden weight loss a month ago. What Charles didn't realize was that B.J. was pulling an elaborate practical joke on him, swapping out Charles' pants for a larger size so he would think that he has lost weight. Then, after a month's overeating, B.J. swapped out Charles' pants again for a much smaller size, making Charles think he has gained too much weight. Now concerned, Charles jogs out of the Swamp to exercise, all to the delight of B.J. and Hawkeye; when Hawkeye asks if B.J. has any more pranks planned for Charles, B.J. replies, "Starting tomorrow, he gets taller!" 041b061a72


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