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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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But when a number of "Zootopia's" residents abruptly go missing, Bogo gives Judy the green light to do some big time police work and she finds herself partnering with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a sly, world-weary scam artist of a fox, in a 48-hour bid to crack the case.

From Sukimaki Animation, While the Crow Weeps is a short animation using multiplane cameras, implementing a technique often used in the past to create 3D effects in traditional cell animation. In While the Crow Weeps this method was used to capture each individually hand-drawn frame.

It's not often that you feel you were present at a truly significant artistic event one that people will talk about for years to come, one that throws down a gauntlet to other artists, one that raises the bar. Especially in new opera, where the artform can feel like it's moving at best crabwise: new main-stage operas are rare beasts, often accompanied by hugely overheated expectation (concomitant with the vast resources frequently expended on bringing them to fruition) all too often followed by a sting of disappointment relating to one or more of its elements: a mismatch between libretto and music, for example; a dramaturgical swallow-hole that nobody properly spotted; really good composers tripping up theatrically. And it's not surprising: opera has as many potential pratfalls as it has elements. There's so much that can go wrong when a composer enters the theatre and works not just with notes but with words, singers, a mise-en-scène, a narrative.

The Guardian critic and writer on music Tom Service has been shortlisted for a Royal Philharmonic Society (RPS) award for his two recent books Music as Alchemy, on the art of conducting; and Thomas Adès: Full of Noises, a volume of his conversations with the composer.

The song briefly featured in Mapplebeck's 2007 South Bank Show about Auden and the manuscript ended up in the Britten-Pears archive. When I was researching my book, curious to see the manuscript, I contacted composer Colin Matthews, who was Britten's assistant in the 1970s and is director of music at the Britten-Pears foundation. Not only did he offer to hunt down the music for me, he also, with extraordinary generosity, volunteered to complete the work with a piano part. Having done so he even, along with Auden's estate, graciously allowed me to publish the whole score in my book (the point being that you can, if the mood takes you, play and sing the song yourself).

Mousstapha Alassane, one of Niger's first filmmakers, excels in animation, a genre of film typically ignored in Africa. His work aims to preserve and revalue his African cultural heritage and to provide biting social commentary on Niger's postcolonial bourgeoisie.

In 1960 Alassane met Jean René Debrix and with his support obtained employment at the Institut d Afrique Noire Ifan in Niamey Later on two major figures exerted profound influence on the art and filmmaking career of Moustapha Alassane Jean Rouch a French engineer turned Africanist and advocate of direct anthropology and Norman McLaren a Scottish Canadian who made his first film at age twenty and later became the animation guru at the studios of National Film Board ...


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