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Bandai Namco have scared up a game update for Tarsier Studios' creepy adventure sequel today. The Little Nightmares 2 Enhanced Edition, developed by Supermassive Games, is an upgrade meant to make it look prettier for the new generation of consoles. As with other "next-gen" upgrades, us PC folks are lucking into some extra beautification through a matching free game update. There are new knobs and settings to fiddle with in the free update to make your next trip through your nightmares just a little scarier.

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Little Nightmares is a horror-adventure game that includes a mix of puzzle elements. You play as Six, a little girl, who is imprisoned in the Maw and must use her problem-solving skills to free herself from there. The Maw is an underwater place full of dangers and terrifying monsters that would stop at nothing to kill you.

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