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Oggy And The Cockroaches In Hindi Episodes 2014 Full [HOT]

The Episode starts on a cruise ship sailing at the ocean. Oggy feeds a seagull holding a sandwich on him. Oggy is gonna look how Jack is doing. Jack was seasick. Joey and Marky too. Until Oggy saw a dolphin jumping at right next to the ship. but a large chomp and Oggy saw Dee Dee chomping his sandwich and the seagull gets injured because of Dee Dee and walks away. Oggy tries to shake him off. but Dee Dee is still chomping. Then Oggy is gonna put him at the water bucket. But Dee Dee is still chomping it wearing a snorkel. SO Oggy is gonna ate him and even the sandwich. But Dee Dee opens Oggy's mouth with his feet, holds the tongue stretching it and slaps on Oggy's head. The chase is on of Dee Dee and Oggy then Oggy founds a lifebuoy and he takes off the air and skating it. But until Oggy was not looking where he is going!. He hit four people and falls to the ocean. Dee Dee went to the pipe but Oggy was stuck and Dee Dee went out of the pipe and went on Oggy's butt. He holds the electric razor and bites him. Oggy screams. he crawls out of the pipe and Dee Dee runs and Oggy swats his butt and screams offscreen. The chase is still on Dee Dee went under the door but Oggy slams and opens the door. Dee Dee ran down the stairs and Oggy slides and hits on a rescue boat and Dee Dee rans but the rescue boat inflates and squeezing him at the window. Later on Oggy opens the door tries to find Dee Dee at the hallway. First he opens the door a woman screams and hit him at the face. second he opens the door Oggy looks inside and backward walking until he touches something. It was Bob and punches hard offscreen and dragging down the ship three times and bounces up and Oggy walks back. Third he opens the door and he saw a scary ladder and climbs down and scared and walks and went to the engine room and he saw an X's mark the spot. and he steps on it but until he looked up and saw a big anchor. Dee Dee holds the scissors and cuts the rope and hits Oggy so hard and the ship has a big hole. While at underwater Oggy was shaped-hammer until a hammerhead shark and he was in love But Oggy don't want it and a jellyfish on a top of his head and floats back to the surface and he saw the meters and saw the water is rising and the ship is started to sink. siren alarm is started and all passengers are panicked and went to lifeboats and started to rowing and one passenger jumped to the waters. Oggy open the door and he needs an umbrella and went back. but Jack is started to puke. and Oggy fixes the ship by using an umbrella until it went back to normal. Jack is a little sick and Oggy goes into a captain room. Inside the captain room Dee Dee putting superglue on the steering wheel Oggy climb so tired and Dee Dee is finished putting glue on it until he hides. Oggy open the door and see the manual and a compass is getting not control and Oggy steers and the compass is able to control and Oggy excited but Dee Dee is on a telegraph and control into MAX speed and the ship is able on high speed Oggy was stuck and control it. but Dee Dee holds a feather and tickles him and the ship spins and splits the ocean. Jack and the two cockroaches gets seasick again. Oggy tries to step him but Dee Dee misses it and walks back. But until Oggy saw land and tries to stop it but gets sticky and dragged onto the wheel and hit. Dee Dee is on the bow and flying but he saw land and the ship drives on land and the streets destroys and buildings too. everyone gets shaking until the ship stops and landed on the pool and hits Oggy's house. Until he takes off the bowl and Jack is now feeling well and he saw land. Marky and Joey are happy but slammed to the bowl and Jack wants to look at Oggy. The captain room gets damaged and they shake hands. but their hands stuck with glue and Dee Dee laughed two felines but he gets slammed by Oggy from Jack and Dee Dee gets squashed and Oggy's nose. Later on the house is all back to normal in the kitchen Oggy and Jack are eating lunch. Oggy was eating food and Jack made a full top sandwich. until the cockroaches had three paper boats and Joey and Dee Dee moves the fabric into waves. but until Jack looked it and get seasick again and able to puked again with his bowl. And the episode ends here.

oggy and the cockroaches in hindi episodes 2014 full

1. Pakdam Pakdai Doggy Don vs Billiman (December 19, 2014) - Doggy Don and Karnal take a trip to the future and befriend a cat named Billiman, who turns out to be a villain in a facade and conquers the city. They, along with Chhotu, Motu, Lambu and the residents of the town team up to defeat Billiman together.

2. Pakdam Pakdai Ocean Attack (November 20, 2015) - Doggy Don, Karnal and their brother, Major Saab along with the mice are urged to save the world from an evil shark, called Surmai Bhopali, who destines to transform the world into an ocean only resided by sea creatures by the destroying the balance between sea and land, which is located at the heart of the ocean. Along with their new friends, Boodhababa, Manumaan and Yeti, they defeat Surmai and successfully capture him and his fish army in a jail.

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