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One Piece Episode 115

Afterthoughts: So this was a pretty good episode. The Super Sonic Duck Squad was awesome. And I like that someone noticed that what happened at Nanohana was something the king would never do. Plus, All Sunday has officially done something against Crocodile, which I was totally expecting. But she still seems to be in the middle of a Heel-Face Turn.

One Piece Episode 115

Afterthoughts: Well, this was a good episode. And it made Carue the #1 animal in anime. The Chopper and Usopp fight is pretty good, though I'm way more interested to see Zoro and Sanji's fights. Especially since 4 and Merry Christmas are the most boring BW agents so far. I don't even really like 2, but at least he's so ridiculous it's laughable.Sometimes.

While I'm Watching: So Usopp keeps yelling how Luffy could not die to Crocodile. And then Merry Christmas and 4 start laughing, saying becoming King of the Pirates is a stupid dream. Then she starts slamming Usopp through more walls, while Usopp yells to Chopper about never running away. Oh shit! 4 breaks his face! Chopper then yells about how Usopp isn't a coward, and Usopp gets up. And talks about how you shouldn't insult his friend's dreams. Chopper then transforms into his Horn Point form! And, by having Usopp just take off his shoes he makes 4 hit Merry Christmas! And then Usopp slingshots a hammer at 4!Wow, was he finally not useless? And then a baseball blows up right next to them. Chopper then forgets he's a doctor for a minute. Koza's running through the city fighting, even though he's already been injured. One of his men tries to dissuade him from storming the palace, but he says that reinforcements wont arrive in time. Vivi gets to the entrance to the palace! She wants to see Chaka right away.Ooh, now it's at Sanji's fight! Lol, they both kicked each other in the face. 2 then starts his ballet fighting. Sanji keeps getting his kicks blocked. Then they both kick each other into buildings. Both of them are mad the other stopped their attacks. 2 then tries to make Sanji laugh? Wtf? Of course, it doesn't. Sanji says he knows what he's planning, and even kicks him while he's wearing Usopp's face, because Sanji's not an idiot. Sanji says that a person's true self is their soul, but just as 2 is making a revelation about himself, he realizes that turning into Nami will work on Sanji. Vivi then talks to Chaka, and he says her idea is crazy. She says that Alabasta is it's people, so they need to stop the fighting as soon as possible. She just needs everyone's attention for a few seconds? WTF. She wants to destroy the palace! Chaka has a flashback to when Cobra also said that the palace itself doesn't matter, so he agrees with Vivi. I'm going to miss this ending theme. I know the opening changes next episode, so I'm guessing the ending will too.

Afterthoughts: Okay, this episode was a lot better. Sanji's fight was great, and I thought it was actually going to be amazing... until 2 turned into Nami. Plus I can't wait to see Vivi do whatever it is she wants to do once the palace is destroyed. I know she wants to stop the fighting, but how will destroying the palace do that? Is it to draw Koza there and talk to him? Or is she somehow going to send a message to everyone?

The anime television series currently consists of 41 pieces of theme music, 23 opening themes and 18 ending themes. As of episode 279, ending themes were omitted and, starting from episode 326 onwards, opening themes were extended from 110 seconds long to 150 seconds long. In episodes 1-206 of Funimation's English-language release of the series, the opening and ending themes were dubbed into English by various voice actors, before reverting to the Japanese versions from episodes 207 onward and later some openings were not licensed by Funimation's release, leaving only the narration dubbed on select opening themes.

The episode begins with a special recap. Kiyoshi Hikawa, the singer of the show's opening theme, comes in to preview how the episode will go. The singer tells fans to stay tuned for Kefla's intense battle with Goku, and it shows the hero going Super Saiyan Blue.

Once the episode starts in full, fans watch as Goku and Kefla face one another. The fusion punches Goku into a rock, but the Saiyan is able to shake off the blow. Goku is worse for wear after the attack, and he says he did not expect a Potra fusion in the Tournament. Kelfa powers up yet again, and Krillin asks how much the fusion's energy can increase.

Generosity is when you give more than is expected or is necessary. The way I want you guys to think about this is generous would be on the F line of the model. That would be your emotion would be generous and then your generous giving action would be in the A line. You give more than is expected or is necessary more than as usual. I think when you're feeling generous that's when you act in that way. Now, the piece I really think is really important to add that wasn't added in the definition that I found was yes, you give more than people expect and with no expectation of anything in return. I think that's what true generosity is. I want you to imagine that you are going to give someone $5,000.

For international viewers, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be out an hour after it releases in Japan. In the United States, that would be at the following times:

Ron: Hello, everybody! Welcome to another episode of Automation Unplugged. Today is Friday, May 1st. Yes, we finally got through that month of April and hopefully life's getting a little bit better for you out there. Today, we are going to be interviewing the one and only Henry Clifford, owner of Livewire, an integration firm out of Richmond, Virginia. He is also one of the co-founders of Parasol. We have finally gotten through another month of quarantine and I can tell you life here personally for us, maybe you all are experiencing this, your weeks are flying by. Is it Monday is it Sunday? It's kind of hard to tell the difference sometimes. I am happy to say that we've been getting some really positive feedback from you folks watching live and listening to the podcast. The show has been really seeing extraordinary week over week growth in terms of downloads for the podcast. So I'm actually going to share with you real quick. If you have not already, go to your favorite podcast platform and subscribe. A lot of our ongoing consumption is actually happening in the podcast format. Without further ado, let me go ahead and bring in our guest Henry, from both Parasol and Livewire. Henry, how are you sir?

Henry: Yes. We're seeing our outside business uptick a great bit. Outdoor TV, outdoor living, outdoor sound. We do outdoor lighting. All those businesses are up. The services businesses that we have whether it's security monitoring. As an example, folks may want or are interested in hardening their physical security because of the home fortress concept where they might want to check up. I just had a conversation with a guy the other day who has a bunch of properties with us and he wanted to not only upgrade his security systems , but upgrade the monitoring. But also add the 24/7 remote support piece which we offer as a Parasol dealer. By the way, this was his idea not ours.

Ron: I'm going to admit I'm guilty. In my closet over here is my network and I had some friends from the industry help me spec it out and I've got a watt box in there from SNAP AV and I've got the dashboard on my computer. What do you think all the outlets are labeled? Outlet 1, outlet 2, it's completely worthless. Cause I haven't labeled the actual pieces. I keep promising myself I'm going to do it one weekend.

Ron: I'm gonna call myself out right now here Henry. So Chris just threw a comment up he said show us Ron. So I told you that I didn't label it. There it is. So this is my house. That's my rack over there. And sadly this is entirely inadequate for anyone to service or if something's locked up. I have this cool piece of gear that I can't use because I don't know what anything is. You probably run into this quite a bit. Do you not? I mean as you're working with integrators around the country.

Henry: Well we do immediately when an integrator will then say well this is great. Then they might even look at it as just a compliance piece where they're just going to turn on the Parasol subscription screen as a means of internal compliance. Never mind the recurring revenue or the peace of mind portion of it. Again because we're eating our own dog food because it makes sense within Livewire. We knew that there had to be an audience for that. And to some extent too, within Pro Source for example, our buddies, the CI Power Group, etc had been making noises about this for a long time. And occasionally somebody would speak up and say well I don't know maybe I'll do something. Yeah well if you do, I'll buy from you. So it was just one of those scenarios where we got enough momentum spun up to where we did it and started doing it but monitor ing each other's customers, to begin with, was how we sort of began it. And then we started, we opened the net to our own folks or our own Pro Source buying group folks. And then we throw in the net wider and the whole vibe of the entire time has been hey tell you what like come on board and help us make it better. So we had a Dealer Advisory Council we have a Parasol certified dealer program we have what's called the Pioneer program where we asked the organization or a dealer that has a champion, somebody besides the owner in the company leading the charge and a great training program. Again, the biggest challenge we find for our dealers isn't necessarily that the customer or the homeowner does or doesn't want it. It's very often the biggest challenge is internal. It's just this mental sort of leap or gap between the way things have always been done. I think if you've been giving away support and your customers have gotten used to getting it for free a moment where you sort of start to change those behaviors or try to change them becomes tough. Again with doing that, I took our most challenging customer. And if you're tuning in as an integrator I want you to picture your highest drama customer. The customer is going to text you at 3:00 a.m. and ask you to bring them a pink camel and put it in their living room because this stuff doesn't work and they paid all this money. I took that customer for us and had them subscribe to Parasol. 041b061a72


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