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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Corruption Of Champions Character Creatorl ##TOP##

This is an AU based closely off Fenoxo's excellent Corruption of Champions, now presented in a new setting and context for people to enjoy. Familiarity with the game is not necessary, as the story is self-contained.The rise of the Champion of Corruption is a key part of the demonic prophecies that will usher in a new dark age for the beleaguered world of Shorn, prompting seekers and hunters to search high and low for this fell messiah. Ignorant of all this, three champions from the isolated village of Ingnam arrive to find themselves in a world unlike any other; a world where form is malleable, lust and corruption run rampant, and power and sex run side by side. As they confront their destinies by unravelling the mysteries of Shorn, how long can they stave off the darkness of Shorn that pervades through the weakest of all human vulnerabilities: Desire.

Corruption Of Champions Character Creatorl


After this a disastrous change took place. The world no longer persecuted the Church, but patronized it. The Church, not suspecting the danger, settled down under its protection, "where Satan's seat is;" and then corruption and deadness rapidly set in. Devoted men, like Athanasius, still rose as champions of the truth; but the Church generally became worldly and careless, tolerating false doctrine and evil practices, like those here ascribed to the Nicolaitanes. This third stage in Church history is set forth in the epistle to the assembly at PERGAMOS.


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