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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Kenneth Ransom
Kenneth Ransom

Wendell Y Wild (2022)

Netflix stop-motion animated horror comedy directed and written by Henry Selick and Jordan Peele. Wendell & Wild (2022) follows two scheming demon brothers, Wendell (Keegan-Michael Key) and Wild (Jordan Peele) who enlist the aid of 13-year-old Kat Elliot (Lyric Ross), a tough teen with a load of guilt, to summon them to the Land of the Living. But what Kat demands in return leads to a brilliantly bizarre and comedic adventure like no other.

Wendell y Wild (2022)


WELDON: Everybody in it - just great. All right. What's making me happy this week? I mean, we lost Leslie Jordan this week. That's certainly not what's making me happy. But the affection for him that has been welling up recently in reaction to that news. He came, of course, to widespread awareness as Beverly Leslie on "Will & Grace", but he was plugging away for years before that, and he's been plugging away since. He got this wildly incongruous late-in-life social media following that was driven entirely by his authentic self - no handlers, no consultants. Our colleague Ayana Archie has put a bunch of them together on You can check that out. But if you want to check out my favorite Leslie Jordan performance, you can find it streaming on Peacock. It is in "Southern Baptist Sissies," which is a play written and directed by Del Shores that was filmed in 2013. And it's about growing up gay in the evangelical church. And of course, the play goes to a lot of places you think it's going to - preaching to the choir, I guess, as it were. But it's got some performances, great performances, that really sell it. Two of them belong to Dale Dickey and Leslie Jordan. They play a pair of barflies who are kind of off on their own corner of the stage as a kind of Greek chorus. He is just effortlessly hilarious. And at one point, I think he breaks up his scene partners, and you can just feel him sitting in it, just basking in that.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the Netflix animation Wendell and Wild (2022). The original music is composed by Bruno Coulais (Maigret, WolfWalkers, Je ne reve que de vous). 041b061a72


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