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CH9200 USB Ethernet Adapter Review: Pros and Cons

1 - To install it, do: sudo install -p -m 644 ch9200.ko /lib/modules/4.1.7-v7+/kernel/drivers/net/usb2 - Then: sudo /sbin/depmod -a 4.1.7-v7+3 - After that you can load the module with: sudo modprobe ch9200



Step 4: Compiling the kernel moduleYou're lucky as someone has posted the source file and a Makefile to compile the module.To compile it, go back to your home directory, clone the git repository and make/install the driver:

Navigation: Linux Kernel Driver DataBase - web LKDDB: Main index - U index CONFIG_USB_NET_CH9200: QingHeng CH9200 USB ethernet support(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();General informationsThe Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_USB_NET_CH9200:

This appendix presents all of the driver modules and their version information as shipped in the current version of UEK R6 (x86_64). This appendix is generated automatically. Note that driver versions and available drivers may change in subsequent errata releases, but the driver versions will always be the same or later than presented here.

The upstream Linux kernel is unifying version management for in-tree kernel modules, effectively deprecating kernel module version numbering. Many vendors are adopting the new model and driver versions may no longer be accurate, or entirely removed in the future. Note that this appendix may be removed in subsequent UEK updates.


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