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DAZ3D Pw Shaders 15 Extra Quality

But there was unusual folder (DS 4.5 ds 4.4 public build private build - as seen on pictures 1-3, i opened that folder and copied shaders folder and changed name to shader presets to have both as more common is shader presets and I use it mostly)

DAZ3D Pw Shaders 15

Now I am trying to use for example pw Efect and Offline Documents (online site seems to be offline) says that I need to apply first pw Effect neutral but interestingly nothing happens even there is no undo action as nothing has happened (tutorial says i need to choose object and one material. I don't know how to choose material, I know how to apply usual shaders in surface tab, but I am not sure what material is). Then I try to aplly shaders from pw Effects sources and some works some not but they all doesnt work good, and it seems something is missing. It can be seen on pictures 4-6. Also one curious thing is that pw ghost doesn't have Neutral file like others and later other source shaders doesn't work good either, as they needed Neutral file first. It probably assumes that it is Neutral file from pw Effect as I have seen similar shaders there if not the same.

That is about it. I have read some threads on the forum about pw shaders but I still can't figure how to use them. I am using daz studio 4.10 latest version and I am also not sure if these shaders are supported in it, or maybe I have not installed them good (as they have some script files, but I think I did probably))

Both doesn't work. I don't know why. I have installed all other shaders in my !Shader Collection folder and they work. I also have Atmospheric Effects Cameras for DAZ Studio (it seems it is deleted from the store as there is no View Product Store Page link anymore) and Installed it, it also has some problems and doesn't work fully but it works and I have installe it in DS/Library folder.

Having the shaders installed multiple times shouldn't be an issue, as I have them installed twice too, but just to be sure, maybe temporarily move one folder to your C drive or something and see if the other one works.

It works. Thank You very much. The problem was I have my DAZStudio.exe on D:\program files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4 and when I copied those files there it works. I tried to copy them on G:\DS\library where are my DS library files. Thanks for Your help. Now I will try to use those shaders

` --recompile-sdl'When backward compatibility is broken, providing the `.sdl' was compiled with the `--embed-source' option, it is recompiled each time a render requires it, therefore slowing down the rendering process. This option makes the shader accept `.sdl' files, recompiles them (provided it contains its own source code) and replaces them. If a path is specified instead, all `.sdl' in it are affected. Only byte-code shaders may be updated with this option.

Simple/basic shaders with common options don't absolutely NEED to have the '--embed-source' option set. If for some reason, it can't recompile a shader, it will throw an error message and do nothing to it, leaving the original alone.

If shaderdl is not in the execution path then it can be found in the bin sub-directory of where the DAZStudio.exe binary resides. To find the .sdl the full path is quoted in the error message - for pwGhost for example (as that is th eone I have on my screen at the moment) it's in teh shaders sub-dir under the DAZStudio.exe install location.

True, but I meant the net result is the same - though without having to wait for the recompile each time, I suppose. It isn't, so far as I know, a substitute for getting a new version of the shaders prepared specifically for the new version of 3delight.

When I compile my shaders, I usually use the --embed-source option, so yeah, it actually is getting the same thing (slightly bigger file size, but not too much bigger). On a fairly simple shader, with 'standard' doesn't even need that. Complex shaders, with special functions, big include files and so on, yeah, they'll NEED the source embedded to even attempt a recompile.

If shaderdl is not in the execution path then it can be found in the bin sub-directory of where the DAZStudio.exe binary resides. To find the .sdl the full path is quoted in the error message - for pwGhost for example (as that is th eone I have on my screen at the moment) it's in teh shaders sub-dir under the DAZStudio.exe install location.I appreciate your trying to help Simon but act like your are speaking to a real dumnie when it comes to dos and command promts..ok don't act. :)

One of the other tests for timing was to render to a RIB and then recompile all the shaders in the RIB took about a minute to do that, so you can figure about a minute of the time spent rendering/waiting for the render to start was 3Delight running the 'on the fly' recompile of the shaders...

My pwShaders worked, kind of (pwCatch didn't work PROPERLY) in DS4 but no longer seem to have any effect. No shader is applying. And yes, I am selecting the object and the surface of the object, and applying shaders-other shaders work but not the pw shaders. They render very fast but with no effect at all.

Make sure you are using latest version of DS4.5 ( and latest version (I think that is 1.2) of the pw shaders. Those should work togther 'out of the box' albeit most likely with the error/informationl amessage about needing recompiling for best performance.Once we get you with working shaders we can take the next step into getiing them recompiled.

In the Content Lib. for pwSurface there are files labeled as mat along side the shaders. Many of these and some of the shaders have associated jpgs that can't be found. ValSilver7 is one that's missing and is used in the quicksilver.dsb shader.

They are textures from other products, as examples of using images with the shaders. They aren't meant to be included with the shaders, my recollection is that the readme did explain this though it may have been lost to an update.

If anyone knows a way to actually get it working - and thus allowing me to use the toon/anime-style characters I'd set up using the PwToon shaders - I will be very grateful. But for the moment, I am not a happy bunny. :(

However, even if that does work, how does it affect previously saved scenes? Because if I load those, the shaders aren't loading properly either, even though they SHOULD be saved properly on the figures/objects... :/

What Richard says applies to NEW objects like primitives or third-party files (which have no DAZ Studio shaders assigned to start) would get the default shader for the current render engine (DAZ Studio Default for 3DL, or Iray UBER for Iray). Previously applied shaders should not be affected.

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