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Firefox Installer.rar

This problems seems rather strange and firstly I thought it might be a WinRar problem, but after I tried downloading the same archive from the same link in other browsers, it seems that only when I download the archive from firefox and directly open it from the dropdown menu, I can't drag&drop any file from the archive at any directory.When opening the archive from the directory, however, I don't experience this problem.PS: Downloading the same archive from "private browsing" with all addons disabled, still produces the same result.

Firefox Installer.rar

sorry, but waterfox is really bad! this software contains some curious code which (re-)open itself- again and again and again and ...i've seen such effects some months ago. that was an officially described malware. sorry, but this prog has the same behaviour like the named one...(ok, waterfox has all the functions like firefox has. it is (sometimes) fast, it renders gfx & imgs fast, reads scripts %& styles standard compliant, .... BUT its behaviour is like a malware prog :-(

Thx for your reply.- Not working for me. Tried to move to different folders. Is there any option in Thunderbird, in the about:config maybe, to define FFP as main browser?- Good work, it's indeed not frozing anymore with your last launcher.- Well I pined the Firefox Portable icon on the taskbar and when I click on it, it creates a new icon of firefox just next to it...

This can be done.Extract the content of firefox folder found in downloaded 7z archive in App\Firefox or App\Firefox64Tested working.Backup existing folder by renaming if you want to go back.

Is it possible to rename the firefox.exe so that it still starts from FirefoxPortable.exe?Or is there an entry in the FirefoxPortable.ini which detects the renamed firefox.exe?The name firefox.exe should not appear in the task manager.Thanks a lot

Hi,Using the provided "portable firefox multiversion 32-64 bit multilingual online" to download the firefox 62.0, howerver, it can't process due to the following error, can you fix that? thanks in advance...[img] [/img]PC : W10 1803 with admin. rights; no problem on portable Google Chrome 69.0

There seems to be some problem with AllowMultipleInstances=true.If I click on a link in a different app to open a web page, it goes through FirefoxPortable.exe, but rather than opening the page inside the existing window, it creates a new window, and worse, it uses a different blank user profile.Not quite sure whether that is related to the launcher or firefox.

I followed this to set FirefoxPortable as the default app for web browsing. -firefox-portable-with-default-programs-in-vista/For example, in Adobe PDF reader, if I click a http link, Windows will use FirefoxPortable to open the link. A few months ago, it used to open the link in a new tab of Firefox portable if it is already running. But recently, it started a new window in a new profile.

Hi all,I have used your latest version 94.0.2 for firefox browser portable. However, today I got a newer version notice when I open firefox browser. It shows "Update to 94.0.2" button whereas I do use 94.0.2 version. Could you help to solve this issue? Thanks.

As soon as you edit anything inside an xpi file and try to add it manually to the browser, an extension ID needs to be provided inside the manifest.json if it isn't already, with or For example, altering any single character in -US/firefox/addon/quick-js-switcher/ shows Invalid XPI: Error: Cannot find id for addon in Browser Console, so you add 041b061a72


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