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Kadhal Sadugudu Tamil Movie Free Download

Kadhal Sadugudu Tamil Movie Free Download




title>Kadhal Sadugudu Tamil Movie Free Download: Watch Online or Stream Nowtitle>

meta name="description" content="Kadhal Sadugudu is a 2003 Tamil romantic drama film starring Vikram and Priyanka Trivedi. Learn more about the movie and how to watch it online for free.">



h1>Kadhal Sadugudu Tamil Movie Free Download: Watch Online or Stream Nowh1>

p>Kadhal Sadugudu is a 2003 Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by V. Z. Durai and produced by S. S. Chakravarthy. The film stars Vikram, Priyanka Trivedi, Prakash Raj, and Vivek. The music was composed by Deva with editing by Suresh Urs.p>

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p>The film revolves around Suresh (Vikram), a young man who falls in love with Kausalya (Priyanka Trivedi), the daughter of Chithambaram (Prakash Raj), a village head who is very strict and stubborn. Suresh faces many challenges and misunderstandings from Chithambaram, who does not approve of their relationship. How Suresh wins over Chithambaram's heart and marries Kausalya forms the rest of the story.p>

h2>Kadhal Sadugudu Movie Reviewh2>

p>Kadhal Sadugudu is a typical Tamil masala film with a mix of romance, comedy, action, and drama. The film has some entertaining moments, especially in the first half, where Vikram and Vivek provide some comic relief. The chemistry between Vikram and Priyanka Trivedi is also good, and they look good together on screen. The songs by Deva are catchy and suit the mood of the film.p>

p>However, the film also suffers from some drawbacks, such as a weak script, cliched dialogues, predictable plot twists, and a dragged second half. The film also has some illogical scenes and continuity errors that affect the overall quality of the film. The climax of the film is also very melodramatic and unrealistic.p>

p>Kadhal Sadugudu is a film that can be watched for Vikram's performance and some light-hearted entertainment, but it is not a film that will leave a lasting impression on the viewers.p>

h2>Kadhal Sadugudu Movie Casth2>


li>Vikram as Sureshli>

li>Priyanka Trivedi as Kausalyali>

li>Prakash Raj as Chithambaramli>

li>Vivek as 'Super' Subbuli>

li>Rekha as Kausalya's motherli>

li>M.N. Nambiar as Kausalya's grandfatherli>

li>Paravai Muniyamma as Subbu's grandmotherli>

li>Alphonsa as Carolinali>

li>Kovai Babu as Minor Kunjumanili>

li>Delhi Ganesh as Kausalya's uncleli>

li>Ilavarasu as Saathappanli>

li>Theni Kunjarammal as Saathappan's motherli>

li>Bava Lakshmanan as Saathappan's brotherli>

li>Nalini as Saathappan's sister-in-lawli>

li>C.R. Vijayakumari as Saathappan's mother-in-lawli>