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My Talking Tom Hero Dash APK Mod: Experience the New Features of Version

Talking Tom Hero Dash is a popular dash running game on android. Join tom and his friends on a mission and help them to complete their missions. Complete run and earn gold to build the world again. Anyone can become a superhero including Talking Tom, Talking Angela and other friends. Defeat the gang of raccoons who are attacking the earth.

my talking tom hero dash apk mod

Download apk:

Anyone can become hero in this game. Talking Tom, Talking Angela and their friends are hero in the game. Choose your favorite characters and use special abilities while running. Use gadgets to defeat raccoons. Defeat raccoons to earn extra rewards. Avoid obstacles and collect gold in every run. Destroy raccoon bosses in match.

Player can unlock super heroes. Unlock Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben and other friends to make a strong team. Defeat raccoon bosses to complete the missions. Raccoons are everywhere and you will have to defeat them. There are beautiful locations in the game. Skyscraper, Tropical Surf Beaches, Chinese-inspired villages and Desert Temples are the beautiful worlds in the game.

There are so many outfits available in the game for every superhero. Unlock heroic running outfit for heroes and make them look unique in the game. Raccoons are destroying buildings and locations which you need to rebuild. Kill raccoons and rebuild these locations and defeat raccoon's bosses. Perform different stunts while running and earn extra rewards in the game.

Tom Hero Mod Apk is a very famous game and it is all about the action and adventure of Tom who is on his way to vanish all the evils from the world and make it a peaceful place to live on. Tom is the hero of the game and he has to collect lots of gold. This game is also gaining popularity and has already crossed many millions of downloads. You can download this game from any random website or from Google Play. The reviews of this game are also very remarkable just like the reviews of the other games of the Talking Tom series.

Tom Hero Mod Apk is a very fabulous game in which you will be fighting against evil energies by using your very cute and powerful cats. You have to use your cats in order to save the world against those evil energy cats. You also can become a superhero by dealing with all these destroying cats and saving the city against the evil energies so make sure that you download this game and also let us know how you feel about this game in the comments section below.

Fans of the famous smartphone game franchise, Talking Friends from Outfit7 will have their chances for the first time to join Tom, Angela, Ginger, Hank, and their friends in their first ever run & dash adventure. Find out more about this amazing game from Outfit7 Limited with our reviews.

Hello but not play ru please just copy playrus unlimited items thunderstorms super gadgets and money but can you please removes play rus ad in the first opening in talking tom hero dash and can you please remove unlimited raccoon and chest i hope you can do it

Items,thunderstorms,super gadgets like get bike,hyperboard,and tickets,and coins and remove play ru ad in the opening of talking tom hero dash please remove it and remove unlimited raccoon and chest when you beat 20 raccoons but the beaten is 99999999 and unlimited chest remove it

Welcome to a bright and exciting world of adventure and speed! This awesome Runner is great fun for every day, anywhere, anytime, get ready for the most fun and exciting escape in of your life. In Talking Tom Hero Dash, in addition to Talking Tom, you will meet many of his funny friends, each hero has his own unique abilities, which will become a strong argument for the successful completion of the game. Go to the most colorful locations, run along intricate paths filled with difficult obstacles and insidious raccoons who want to lead you astray.

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Not only that, but players can also unlock new locations and compete with their friends on leaderboards. It adds a fun element to the game as you collect coins and power-ups, rescue Tom's friends, and work towards becoming the ultimate hero.

One of the most fun endless runner games! Players join Talking Tom and his heroic friends on a mission to escape, get gold and rebuild the world! Everyone will become a real superhero with this new action game!

* ANYONE CAN BE A SUPER HERO: Talking Tom, Talking Angela and their super friends all have awesome, unique superpowers that they can use while running! Players can also try to use their high-tech superhero gadgets!

Description : Talking Tom Hero Dash - another cool runner from Outfit7 Limited, who continues to develop the universe of Talking Tom and his friends. During this time, the characters try on the costumes of superheroes and get their unique skills. They are very useful to them because they have to face the troubled raccoon gang again. Wretch are already doing a lot of dirty tricks and dirty tricks. But players must correct them, eliminate enemies, defeat bosses, and collect many interesting and useful things that need improvement and new opportunities.

Talking Tom Hero Dash mod apk (Unlimited Money) is a wonderful Rainer from Outfit7 Limited, which continues the development of the universe of the famous cat and his friends. This time they will become superheroes that have challenged numerous gangs of raccoons. The latter has already managed to make a lot of mischiefs, and now they are preparing to execute a particularly insidious plan. Gamers will choose their favorite ward, put on a cool costume and go on the road. They need to maneuver among the obstacles, avoid meetings with opponents, collect values, use bonuses, and prepare for epic battles with bosses waiting for Tom and other defenders.

During the race, you will be able to perform amazing tricks and use the skills of your heroes. Perform jumps from rooftop to rooftop, use cranes, and visit several dozen colorful locations. Remember that raccoons are pests. They pollute the world you need to restore. Explore new worlds, earn coins, upgrade your boosters, and unlock cool achievements and rewards.

After so many previous versions of our Tom only eat and sleep, then in this version Tom will return to become a real hero against the gang cat bear Raccoon. Start your journey with superhero friends including (Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, and Ben), to protect humanity against the cat bear. Each character, possessing their own superpowers, will be the captain to devise tactics to save his world.

The chase cat bears are endless, will take place all over the world. Can be a cross-continental run, stretching from urban New York to the skyscrapers of Dubai and the arid desert of Egypt. Each level of play will be different challenges for each superhero. Be flexible in how to use the skill because they can be very effective.


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