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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Counter Strike Psp Iso Download ~REPACK~

Top-Down fast paced shooter with counter strike aspects and a 34,000+ player community. Includes single player vs. bots and multiplayer modes such as CTF, FFA and classic TDM. It also has a mapmaker with a large map database and automatic updating.

counter strike psp iso download

However, there are still a few changes that I think are noteworthy. First of all, I think I've fixed the bugs responsible for those annoying crashes during map downloading; I've also reworked some of the netcode to be (hopefully) more solid in general. In addition, CSPSP no longer requires reading from the idstorage (so HBL users -should- be able to play now...). Finally, I added an exception handler - when CSPSP crashes, it will try to print out a blue screen with debug information; this will help me track down bugs faster.

-potentially fixed the freezing bug during map downloading-tweaked networking code to be more robust (and caught a few bugs); also fixed major exploits (speedhacking, infinite ammo, etc.)-added check for tempAR (not allowed in multiplayer)-added a menu for server admins to kick/ban players more easily-added graphical gun delay indicator-added a time slowdown effect at the end of a round-fixed the bug in ffa where spectators' scores weren't being reset on new round-added a limit on the rate of chat messages (to prevent spamming)-bots will now buy their weapons when they have enough money-added exception handler (debugging info should now be printed during a crash)-fixed a memory leak with the player icons-fixed a potential divide-by-zero bug-removed idstorage requirement (so CSPSP should run with HBL now - untested...)-fixed a bug where half downloaded maps weren't being correctly deleted-tweaked the server list pinging-v1.91 fixes a small bug with updating profile info


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