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Bogdan Bulls
Bogdan Bulls

Woodwop 5.0: The Best CNC Software for HOMAG Machines

I have been using sketchup for a while now and have just recently purchased a Weeke Vantech CNC router machine. I have been going through a tedious process using the woodwop post processor that comes with the machine software but am getting sick of it. Any thoughts out there for what to use in conjunction with sketchup. It may be a long shot, but I would love the ability to design and program directly in sketchup. Any thoughts out there? I know this is quite a generalized post, but thought it would get the ball rolling. Thanks!

woodwop 5.0

Hoping someone can help as i am really stuck. Everytime i import the DXF at the cnc with woodwop 5, it finds the file, loads it but when you press convert to MPR it throws up the below error and will not let me proceed.


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