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Advantages And Disadvantages Essay Simon

My advice for these questions is to write a paragraph about each side, and make it clear in the introduction and conclusion which side outweighs the other (i.e. your opinion about whether there are more advantages or disadvantages).

Advantages And Disadvantages Essay Simon

In some countries, governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move to regional areas outside the big cities.Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

There are a growing numbers of companies moving their businesses outside metropolitan areas into more remote, rural locations. Although there are a number of advantages to this trend, I believe that they are outweighed by a number of disadvantages as will now be explained.On the one hand, it can be said that there are some benefits to companies that decide to open their premises in regional areas; there are a significant decline in the costs that are certainly higher in the big cities. In addition, more rural areas offer businesses more space. This trend also helps boost economies in deprived areas; many job opportunities are created in the more remote areas meaning that the standard of living improves for those who would otherwise have a long commute to work or not have a job at all. Moreover, pushing companies into more remote areas helps cities avoid further overcrowding which is a common problem in many major cities.On the other hand, it can be argued that there are significant drawbacks to companies and businesses moving their venues outside big metropolises as the availability of skilled workers is being reduced. In addition, it can be said that companies based in regional areas are further away from their clients, providers and other contacts and this has certainly a negative impact on the volume of sales, businesses done and markets reached in comparison to companies that are located in the city centers or more populated areas. To sum up, it seems that there are significant advantages to businesses opening in more remote areas, especially in terms of lower costs and availability of space; however, they are outweighed by the material advantages of businesses located in more populated locations because of the opportunities bigger cities can offer.

hi simon,i am following tips from ur book,,also i am practising essay from the ideas section,,,but i am afraid that there r alot more topics about which i dnt know single word to write,,,for that what should i do....e.g yesterday my freind send me topic about social welfare system,and i was completely clueless,,i dnot know wat to write in my body paragraphss,,,i m worrying if something like this happen to me in my real test,,,my test is on 5th can i expand my knowledge about topics????plz help

Hi Simon,Please can you mark this essay below, which band this essay is?In some countries, governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move to regional areas outside the big cities.Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Despite these advantages there are also some disadvantages of shifting these industries in rural area. Firstly the environment get pollute.for example air pollution, water pollution,defoestation will increase.Secondly the land that are used for cultivation are used by these industry as a result many farmers and old people who are uneducated lost their jobs. Moreover people are unable to eat fresh food grown in their land. Finally, people from these rarea would be in feare of loosing their culture.

The question about families is a bit strange. I've never used the term "joined families". We usually say "extended families" (several generations together) and "nuclear families" (just parents and their children). Try to think of some advantages and disadvantages of each, but don't spend too long on this. Follow the advice in the lesson linked above - it's better to revise what you know than start worrying about new topics.

i have already written this essay above but now i am confused when i look the question again i believe that there is pros and cons to citiess and rural. and also because the question says government. hich is the best way to write just advantages and disadvantages for cities or rural area. For me its both but how do u express that .. It will be a big help if you try to complete this full essay thankyou

On one hand, there are several disadvantages of outsourcing or transferring business from urban to local areas.Firstly, students who just finished college in the city would have difficulty finding a job. There are no available jobs waiting for them due to relocation of big companies to a cheaper location and labor cost. Secondly, The transportation of goods and services could slow down. Some people believe that transportation in major cities are way faster than regional areas which makes it more profitable and reliable in services.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the benefits of relocating huge industrial companies in regional zones such as more available job opportunities, reduce labor costs and locations to businesses, and minimizes pollution in the atmosphere do outweigh the disadvantages.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the benefits of relocating huge industrial companies in regional zones such as more available job opportunities, reduces cost of labor and location to businesses, and minimizes pollution in the atmosphere do outweigh the disadvantages.

Despite enormous growth in urban areas,many countryside part of most countries are untouched and uneffected with growth story of other part.As a result many countries have begun moving theri business to other less developed areas.I believe this appraoch has both advanatages as well as disadvantages and this essay will throw some flash ligh on both the aspect of this change taking place.Moving business and industries out of the major cities will bring many benifits to the country as well as business too.Firstly, most of the urban cities are now a days grapling to cope with the problem of trafic jam, rising cost of running busniess ,crime and high wages which infact , brings their profit margin down.Thus shifting a business towards countryside will help them to overcome with these problem becuase of the availability of plenty of resources, raw material for industries by cutting down cost of runnnig business.In addition to that this will foster local economy by brinding various development due to demand in other sectors such housing, water and food and helping deprived people to make their ends meet easily.However, on the other hand the negative side of this development can not be overlooked and we should give enough thought as well.Indeed relocating industries will have some postive impact but industries will have to cope with a number of various factors in less developed areas such as security, lack of transportation, appropriate insfrastructure to setup an industry and scarcity of communication channel.As a result companies and goverment would have to spend a good amount of money to setup these means even before starting the business and this is what most companies would not come to terms with.Besides this connectivity and client visit will also not be a piece of cake and can cause enough problems.In conclusion , although there are negative side of the shifting a business in country side but In my opinion these things can be managed working hand in hand with the corporate and goverment for the sake of development in rural areas and yeilding benifit to both the business and community.

In fact, most questions ask for your opinion. It's better to look at this question the other way around - which questions DON'T ask for an opinion? The answer is: only questions that tell you to 'discuss' e.g. 'Discuss the advantages and disadvantages' or maybe 'Explain both views'. In these questions it is clear that your job is simply to write about both sides equally. Any question that asks you to decide which side is better is an opinion question.

"Many governments are taking initiatives to spread the businesses and industries to the outskirts to avoid increased pressure on the cities. Although there is debate going on regarding merits and demerits of the trend, I think this will bring positive changes in both city and regional area.First of all, business will be benefited by moving towards periphery because of the lower cost of space and workforce. At the same time, residents will get the advantages as it will not only create more employment but also increase small business opportunities related to the major industry, resulting in overall development of the region. Secondly, such move will also help to avoid overcrowding cities. As we see, most major cities are overfilled causing high living cost and more stress and it has become imperative to take actions to offload them.However, there are also some disadvantages of moving the industries and businesses towards regional area because infrastructures and skilled workforce are mostly available in cities. Moreover it they could stay much closer to their clients, contractors and government authorities buy staying in cities.Overall, although there are some drawbacks of decentralizing commercial activities, it will be advantageous for both cities and regional areas. As we know, in modern businesses contacting a client from distant is very easy by phone, email, fax and video conference. Above all, it will help to develop deprived regions and to save city life from being congested. Therefore, according to my opinion, merits of spreading businesses toward regional areas are significantly more than the shortcomings."


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