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Mr. Brister is a native of Loranger, Louisiana and attended Loranger High School. He went on to attend Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University before enrolling in the School of Radiologic Technology in independence, La. After completing his training, he attended a fellowship program in Jackson, Mississippi at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where he met and married his wife, Melissa. Soon after, they moved to Huntsville, AL and had two sons, Stephen and Daniel.  

​Mr. Brister was inspired to begin his training in Taekwondo, after watching his son Stephen, train for and earn his Black Belt. Mr. Brister began his training in Taekwondo, in 1994, with Mr. Gary Cross at Cross’s Taekwondo Plus in Huntsville, AL. Cross’s Taekwondo Plus was a member of the national organization, United States Taekwondo Alliance (USTA).  

​Mr. Brister received his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1996 and after being promoted to Senior 1st Degree in 1997, he became a Certified Instructor with the International Taekwondo Alliance (ITA). His Taekwondo teaching career began soon after.  In 1999 Mr. Brister was promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt in Chattanooga, TN and in 2002 he was promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt while in Houston, TX. In 2009, Mr. Brister earned his 5th Degree Black Belt through Taekwondo America (TA) in Winston-Salem, NC. In 2014, Mr. Brister earned the rank of 6th Degree Master with Taekwondo United in Jackson, MS.  

​In 2011, Mr. Brister co-founded Taekwondo United (TU) along with Mr. Dennis Conway, Mr. Rob McLean, Mr. David Holler, Mr. Noel McMichael, Mr. David Vincent, Mr. George Strickland, Mr. Mike Morris, Mr. Ted Turgeon and Mrs. Paula Smith. The following year, 2012, Mr. Brister opened his new school in Hampton Cove, AL.   At the 2015 September National in Orlando, FL, Mr. Brister was elected Chairman of Taekwondo United and will serve in this role until the end of 2017.

Since opening his school, he has trained several students to the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt. Over the years Mr. Brister has competed in hundreds of tournaments. He has won National Championships with USTA, ITA, and TA. He  conducted seminars, clinics, and camps, along with organizing and hosting Regional and National tournaments.

​Mr. Brister has not only instructed Taekwondo, but also trained students in weaponry, Weeping style Ju-Jitsu and Raposa de Prata submissions grappling. He is a certified Kick Boxing instructor and is also certified in the use of the Chanbara Sword, through Samari Sports by Shihan Dana Abbott from Scottsdale, Arizona.  Mr. Brister is a dedicated instructor and his wish as an instructor, is to share his love of Martial Arts and its benefits, to his students and their families.