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Self Defense Classes

Our Self Defense classes are design for you to learn defensive tactics designed to make you more aware, prepared, and ready to act.

Self Defense Training
Self Defense Training

Program Mission

Self Defense classes are taught seminar-style and require no previous experience or attendance. Self Defense classes focus on the fundamentals and core principles of self-defense. Past seminars have covered the following topics: 


  • Individual Defense Against Multiple Attackers 

  • Ground Defense What Is a Weapon? 

  • Recognize the Best Tools Around You 

  • Team Tactics in The Workplace 

  • Educate Your Family on How to Best Help You Protect Them  

  • Discussing Your Question on Self Defense  

  • Close Quarters Defense 

  • Give Your Children a Roll or A Job in Self Defense 

  • Shop Till You (Don't) Drop  


Schedule a Class - TODAY!

The class can be scheduled as One-One class or as a group class.  We suggest at least a 3-hour class, but we can adjust the class time to fit your schedule.


Please wear comfortable clothes and join us for this investment in your own personal safety.

The cost will depend on the class structure.

Brister's Martial Arts does offer Community Classes twice a year, so keep your eye open for information on these classes.

You can schedule your class today by clicking the button below and calling now.

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