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Youth Program

This program is a specially designed Martial Arts program geared toward children age’s six through eleven. Students learn important life skills through the ancient art of Taekwondo.

Practicing Martial Arts
Beginners Martial Arts Class

Program Mission

Our unique method of teaching enhances fitness, self-control, discipline, and self-esteem. Students learn exciting kicks and strikes, as well as important means of self-defense.  As students advance in their training, we continue to foster these life lessons and build on their Martial Arts skills.


In addition to the Martial Arts training, we offer competitions, sparring, and weapons training for our advanced students.

1-week Complimentary  Trial

Martial Arts Class


Beginner classes will not only teach your children the basic skills of Martial Arts but will benefit them in many other ways, such as:


  • fostering self-discipline

  • boosting socialization skills

  • encouraging physical activity

  • learning to set and achieve goals

  • increased self-esteem

  • instilling a sense of respect

  • improving listening skills

  • developing teamwork skills

Judo Belts
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